Studio Equipment

Sound Libraries & Software:

Sound Libraries & Software:
Steinberg Cubase 6
Pro Tools 10
Best Service Forest Kingdom II
Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 10

Audio Interface

Audio Interface:
Focusrite Scarlett 2i


beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO

More Sound Libraries:


More Sound Libraries:
8Dio Epic Dhol Ensemble
8Dio Copperphone
8Dio Polyphon
8Dio Seahorse
8Dio Smiley Drum
8Dio Water Percussion
Audio Imperia SFTM Vol. 1
audiobro LASS 2.5
cinesamples CineBrass Core
cinesamples Tina Guo Cello
Cinematic Samples Cinematic Strings 2
DAT Repetitive Bass
Embertone Friedlander Violin
best service Forest Kingdom 2
Kinetic Treats
Output REV
Output Signal
Project Alpha
Project Bravo
Estey Reed Organ
SampleTraxx Sinedust
Spitfire Audio Albion ONE
The Mither
u-he Podolski
u-he Tyrell
Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate (Alicia’s Keys, Battery 4, Damage, Action Strings, FM8, Kontakt 5, West Africa Library, The Giant, etc)


Shure SM58





Speakers: KRK Rokit 5
Masterkeyboard: M-AUDIO ProKeys Sono88
PC: i7 6700K 4x 4.00 Ghz, 32 GB RAM