Q & A

What do you do?

I am a young aspiring Composer for Games and Films. I produce music for soundtracks and songs for visual media such as short films, feature lengths, trailers, theatre, commercials, video games and more.

What brought you to filmmusic?

First of all what brought me to films is that I’ve always loved stories, that had nothing to do with me. I’ve loved books and films. Because they could always take me to other places. In 1784 the German playwright Friedrich Schiller delivered a speech¹ in which he said that no matter who you are or what kind of sorrows you have, the moment you watch a play you can leave your world for a moment and you are all connected by the same emotions the play evokes. I’d read that speech many years ago at school and this was and still is absolutely my opinion towards films.
And I’ve always loved the way the music and the picture work together. How the music changes your emotions, your opinion. That the music answered your questions, or that it made you feel uncomfortable.

How do you approach a new project and what is the biggest challenge?

The first thing I do, is to allow the story to sink in, so that I clearly see which direction I want to go. After drafting a basic structure I start composing melodies and suites that capture both the emotions and the atmosphere. With these suites I also always try to find a common denominator with my client.

The biggest challenge for me as a filmcomposer is to understand the film, to understand the director, to understand what the film needs.
But that is also why I love composing music for films. I could write a symphony or a piano concert for no special reason, but what I love is to make music not only for me but for a scene and evoke a certain feeling which only suits this very scene and is only written for that. It’s just a magical moment when you hear and see that the music gives the film just what it needs to be perfect.

That is why collaboration is always so important for me. Being a composer can be quite lonely, but being surrounded by creative minds and getting inspired by their storylines or visuals is a good way of preventing that social outcast status (laughs).

What inspires you?

A good story, or simply an idea of it. You have me if I like the basic concept of it, and I can’t wait to get my hands on my keyboard and get started.
I love watching people, listening to simple sounds like raindrops or vacuum cleaner. I never know where I find my next inspiration, but it’s always unexpected.

(March 2014)


¹ The theatre as a moral institution – Friedrich Schiller (1784)



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